The road to us

Since Pyntaberget Hotel is located 650 m. above sea level, travelling here and nature on the way to us is a nice experience in itself.

The Hotel is just a short drive from the E6 road. Therefore it is easy to reach us, whether you arrive by bus or by car.

We would be happy to help you to plan the trip (by plane, by car, by bus or by train), so please contact us if you need any help!

Travel by plane
Oslo Airport Gardermoen is only 3 hours away from Pyntaberget Hotel (212 km).
Ålesund airport – 4.5 hours (312 km).

Travel by bus
Busses from/to Hundorp, Sør-Fron: Opplandstraffikk
Busses to / from Ringebu (a nearby city): Nor-way.

Travel by car
Oslo – Hundorp: 3 hours
Trondheim – Hundorp: 4 hours

Find the itinerary on google maps. click here.